Lakeview Fire Protection District

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Fire Service Explorers Post

In 2002 our district recognized the need for a program that would include the younger members of our community so we joined the Boy Scouts of America's Fire Service Exploring/Junior Cadet Program. The Fire Service Exploring/Junior Cadet Program or Explorer program is a work site-based program for young men and women ages 16 and up. The Explorers came up with the name Crew 13 since our department identification is in the 1300's and since that day our Explorers have done great things with the fire district. This program allows young members to learn lifesaving and fire fighting skills. Explorers train under safe conditions (not during burn exercises) and can help on emergency scenes in a limited capacity. Many of our original members have gone on to become volunteers in the district. We are proud that we can get young members of our community involved at this age. Please email for more information on joining the Explorers program.

Fire Service Exploring Brochure